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Ghosts of The Silent Hills | Anita Krishan | Book Review

  • Author: Anita Krishan
  • Genre: Horror Fiction/ Short Stories
  • Paperback: 312 pages
  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (1 December 2019)
  • Language: English

Book Review (3)

Do you read horror fiction?

I read a horror fiction last year that vaguely resembled the Bollywood movie ‘Stree.’ And I suppose it’s been more than a year or so since I read anything close to horror. This book turned out to be a great experience and now, I am longing to read more of this genre.

Ghosts of The Silent Hills by Anita Krishan is a collection of short stories that grip you, shake you, and fill you with those cold spooky vibes. Each and every story revolves around a peculiar story of the ghost, a soul that dies dissatisfied,  and reflects the flaws in our society and humanity.  The eerie silence, the misty air, the screeches snd screams, the blood, and horror – it truly was an amazing ride for someone who hasn’t experiment a lot with the horror fiction.

The writing aptly captured the creepiness and element of fear. They flow smoothly from an end to another describing the scene vividly. I could totally see things happening in my head. The perfect length added to my interest in each spooky tale. The stories of haunting seemed so real, so inviting, so absorbing. Moreover, the author did a good job of character development, infusing them with raw emotions, and building relatable action sequences. Undoubtedly, these paranormal stories kept me hooked to them.

Each story was conceived and crafted well. There was not a dull moment for me. I did read the book in batches, at different times of the day. And I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed my ride. Just the last night, I read the last few pages at 12 midnight and I could the unwanted presence, not to an extent of paralyzing me with fear though. Anyway, if you are looking for a different reading experience, if you are starting out at horror fiction; please read this one. I would totally recommend it.


Buy your copy here: Ghosts of The Silent Hills

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