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My Friend’s Dream | Manisha Kaur Rathore | Book Review

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 339 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
  • Language: English

My Review

Do you believe that we must fight for our dreams or give in to destiny?

‘Sometimes the things we want in life are the things we have to chase and with the sun rising we are just about to do that. This is the beginning of the journey to our dreams.’

My Friend’s Dream by Manisha Kaur Rathore is a heartwarming tale of two friends who believe in fulfilling their dreams. They nursed a vision, they wanted to be something, life did present some odds but they didn’t bow down before them. They persisted, did that ‘extra’ hard work, believed in themselves, and never gave up. Ultimately, they lived their dream. And in the end, that’s all matters.

Kye and Jen meet at the University. Kye is learning Physics who wants to be an actress. On the other hand, Jen is studying literature but aspires to be an astronaut. Their destinies landed them elsewhere. They feel out of place with their respective disciplines of education. Do they try a way out of the big mess? My Friend’s Dream is a story of unbound faith in oneself and in one’s friendship. It is a story that backs the Bravehearts who do not hesitate to risk everything for what they want. Their ‘want’ is their ‘everything’ they need.

The story is set in the University life and thus would find its audience amongst the youth. With lucid writing and relatable characters, it gives a peek into the lives of its characters who are trying their best to live their lives and fulfill their dreams. In the midst of everything, they do experience their share of love, heartbreaks, success, and failures. Their smooth three years at University come to a happy end. However, the end of the book might leave you a bit shocked.

In my opinion, the story was simple and pretty straightforward. Along with that, the author heavily focused on dreams because they matter a lot. Only if we believe in the power of our dreams and uplift each other, we would lead a fulfilling life. I did find the story raw and thus, some polishing, some depth, some exploration would have done more good to the final narrative. Moreover, the climax left me dissatisfied with its abruptness and incompleteness.

All in all, it is a fast-paced read and the beginners can certainly give it a shot.


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