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Lucid Dream | Atul Mohite | Book Review

  • Author: Atul Mohite
  • Publisher : Notion Press (31 March 2020)
  • Print Length : 102 pages
  • Language: English

Lucid Dream by Atul Mohite is a contemporary fiction set in Pune. It primarily revolves around a teenager, Suraj, who is preparing for IIT examinations. In his two years of grueling preparation, he comes across Rahul, Karan, Aditya, Niharika, and his love, Naina. Things were going good before a sudden incident upend their lives. Naina disappears, but where? And would she ever reunite with Suraj?

The story is pretty simple and straight forward. It takes into account the scenario of competitive exams in our society. Additionally, it does throw light on the importance of fulfilling one’s dream. Moreover, the book also puts forth the murky side of men blackmailing the opposite gender to gain sexual favors. Al in all, the book is a mixture of multiple themes and deal with it, one at a time. However, it misses out on exploiting the potential of the plotline.

I was not too fond of the plot treatment because that ended up making story bland and uninteresting. Additionally, the characters didn’t have a depth, a flair to contribute appropriately to the story. Although writing is pretty easy, it does not exactly catch the attention of the reader. Furthermore, the connection of the title, which appears fascinating, to the story remained vague to me. The climax was more hurried and cliched than anything.

I suggest the author puts efforts into both character sketching as well as storytelling. Devoid of these two elements, the book didn’t catch my fancy. However, if you are a young reader, in your early teens and just starting out with reading, you might connect with this book.


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