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Swadesh: The Age of Startups | S Raghunandana | Book Review

  • Author: S Raghunandana
  • Page Length: 150
  • PublisherNotebook Publishing (27 January 2020)

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Do you wish to have a startup?

Startup culture is a fascinating thing for me. I am always awed by how it is rapidly flourishing and bringing in new solutions. Each startup focuses on a key problem and works upon to bring in innovation – something we need in our country to be counted amongst the developed nations.

Swadesh: The Age of Startups by S Raghunandana is a contemporary fiction set around its protagonist Swaraj. He looks forward to fulfilling his dreams while holding on to love for his lady in his heart. He is despondent at the thought of separation. However, he pulls in all his energy into creating something new. He brings forth novel ideas to help the agriculture and banking system of India. I really liked his never-dying spirit.

The book represents a key idea behind bringing change in society – the induction of startup culture, the willingness to find solutions. I appreciate the author’s attempt to put up with the important concept and give it a shape with fairly good writing. However, the book disappointed me in multiple aspects. To start with, the story doesn’t do full justice to the startup thing it assertively mentions on its title. I really did go into this book with certain expectations. But the storyline didn’t align with the purpose at all. The book didn’t perform well on the execution part with unlikeable characters and haywire plot treatment.

For a good amount of time, I tried seeing something worthwhile coming up, which does spring into action. But this happens fewer times. For the most part of the book, Swaraj keeps going back to his love story that irritated me more than anything. The way the book focuses more on his romantic feelings than the initiative he took cringed me. On top of everything, the narrative lacks a pattern, a coherence. Again, it isn’t easy to make out what’s happening in the story. The plot just oscillates without any compass.

Had the book taken a broader perspective towards startups and indulged Swaraj into giving some meaningful contribution to society, the book might have interested me. Also, less of hopping but more of a significant presence of characters and their actions were desirable in the book.


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