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Silent Words | Nishant Gang | Book Review

  • Author: Nishant Gang
  • PublisherDelhi Poetry Slam (1 January 2020)
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Language:English

My Review

Silent Words by Nishant Gang is a potpourri of 24 poems, each taking a distinctive approach towards life. Through the poems borne out of the author’s imagination and perhaps his personal experiences, he attempts to draw different pictures of life. Each piece has a different story to tell, a new message to deliver, a nuanced portrayal of ideal living.

Be it a poem dedicated to emphasizing the value of time or the one glorifying the power of words; the variety is definitely enticing. I believe a poem should contain the essential component of rhythm. I found it in these poems – a structure that is free-flowing. I liked how the author has narrated a story, an anecdote inspired by his personal encounters maybe, reflecting upon how it can relate to our lives.

Some poems are pretty direct in their meaning. Others are cryptic and open to interpretations. Some teach us to get on our feet despite challenges. Others push us to value life and its precious moments. In a nutshell, this book has something for everyone. Its simplicity and variety make for an engaging reading experience. I would especially recommend it to beginners in poetry. They’ll indeed like this poetry collection.

Also, let me take a moment to admire the cover. I tell you, it’s really good! Just so perfectly sums up our muddled head and lives.


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