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I Heard You Want To Be Rich | Nitish Garg | Book Review

  • Author: Nitish Garg
  • Genre: Business self-help
  • Paperback176 pages
  • PublisherWhite Falcon Publishing (19 June 2020)
  • Language: English

Financial education is very important if you want to survive tough times in life. While so many of us might earn good, we barely know how to manage the earnings. All thanks to our upbringing that focuses on teaching how to earn and not how to make use of that income. This book took me close to realising the importance of educating myself on finances. After all, just becoming rich is not enough; staying rich is of greater significance.

I Heard You Want To Be Rich by Nitish Garg introduces us to the importance of financial education and basics of the same. Through this book, the author attempts to tell us how one can stay rich emphasizing investing. There are several misconceptions and fears among the masses regarding investing. People are afraid to jump into this world that promises great returns. And it is because people really have the surface knowledge of the subject.

Investing is an art that demands thorough research and practice. One can master this art with patience and a dedicated study coupled with observation. It is definitely not a child’s play, and if one gets into the game without preparing well for it, one is bound to lose. This book explains different aspects of investing and its pros and cons in terms of liquidity, etc. The lucid writing with just the right amount of information for a newbie would serve its purpose well. If you’re looking for a beginner level information on staying rich, check out this book. And yes, it’s meant for all of us. Don’t we all desire to be rich?


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