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Being Beautiful | Pallavi Sharma | Book Review

  • Author: Pallavi Sharma
  • Print Length238 pages
  • Language: English

Being Beautiful by Pallavi Sharma is a contemporary fiction set in a society that looks down upon women. This book brings forth how being beautiful is a bane for women. It also deals with a love that sees through the veil, through the exterior, and stays.

The story has Nishkrita Bhatt at its focus. She always moves around with a veil and one day bumps into Aavishkar. Slowly, he falls head over heels in love with the girl who apparently feigns to be cold and arrogant. He believes in her goodness and later, helps her in battling her demons. The question is why Nishkrita would always wear a veil? Is there a scar beneath?

The book starts off and develops gradually. The brewing romance between Nishkrita and Aavishkar is portrayed well. The mystery behind her veil is even more surprising. With that said, the book is a combination of intrigue and blossoming love story. At the same time, it is hard-hitting while portraying the vices of our society. To put it simply, the central idea of the story is important, and I’d appreciate the author for discussing it.

The writing is simple, and the narrative is pretty direct. However, the story didn’t impress me. As it progressed, I was yearning for some intensity, some effective plot treatment, some strong line of thought. Instead, I met some casual romance between the two characters that didn’t bode well with me. Even though the man plays a vital role in helping our protagonist come out of the closet, the story as a whole doesn’t leave a resounding impact. Moreover, the verbal exchanges between the characters, especially Nishkrita and Aavishkar, seemed bland, forced, and out of place. Additionally, the climax turned out to be absurd for me.

Perhaps, a round of editing with a closer look at refining the plotline would have resulted in an engaging read. Such stories that deal with some pertinent issues deserve impactful writing.


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