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Out of Chaos | Natalie Nascenzi | Book Review

  • Author: Natalie Nascenzi
  • Genre: Poetry
  • Publisherii Publishing (11 May 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

Out of Chaos‘ by Natalie Nascenzi is a coming-of-age poetry collection that strikes a chord with you owing to its rhythm and intent. The poems in this book are spread across a variety of subjects – right from morning sun to the listless thinking to the modern human living in the world of screens – and thus, stand as relatable. And with much conviction, I can say, this is one of the best contemporary poetry collections I read this year.

This book essentially uses several literary devices such as metaphors and traditional rhyme to bring out a magical impact. The poems literally traverse the chaos, slowly and flowingly, to emphasize on our chaotic lives. They further go deep down the abyss of mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. And the best part is they are honest and authentic. Moreover, they are reflective. They make you contemplate and question. The poems make you and let you think. They are written beautifully, something which I find missing in the majority of modern poetry collections. The book is lyrical, intriguing, and engrossing, at best. It gives due value to poetry and, alongside, sticks with its central subject entirely.

The poems aptly bring out a fundamental truth – out of the chaos, you emerge victoriously. How simple yet profound. It is how you navigate your messy life, how you walk through the maze, and how you untangle your brain’s chains that determine if you end up being happy or disgruntled. Life is never perfect. It was not supposed to be in the first place. However, the question is if we are ready to break the walls, sail through the difficulties, and leave a trail.

‘Sit with me in the moment collecting words and spilling thoughts together,
we’ll conquer the chaos, finding comfort that hope is not lost.’

Totally recommended to the poetry lovers!


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