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SIS | Kelisha Lopez-Shealey | Book Review

  • Author: Kelisha Lopez-Shealey
  • Print Length: 117 pages
  • Publisher: AGS Publishing (10 November 2019)

Book Review

We envision a society where women stand for women, if not men. Don’t we? Well, at least I do. The women have been bearing the atrocities and the brunt of perpetual animosity. They’re the ones to be suppressed repeatedly, who are made to think that they’re inferior, and who struggle to just find a voice for themselves.

SIS by Kelisha Lopez-Shealey is a collection of micro poetry on the lines of women supporting women. Going by the title, this book emphasizes how we women are each other’s sisters and we ought to support each other because of our sisterhood. These poems, or I’d rather say, quotes, sound like a sister is asking her sister to do the right thing. The book intends to unite the women of the world.

Each piece asks the women to lift up themselves, get over their pain and insecurities, and lead their path. We’ve kept ourselves dug in the dust for a significant amount of life. We’ve accepted wearing chains and living with them. Now is the time to breathe with the fierce passion we have inside of us. Now is the time to leave behind our shackles and live with freedom. Liberty is what we sought; liberty is what we deserve.

The book turns out to be a good read if I see it from a coffee table book’s perspective. I was disappointed to find no proper poems in this book. And that remains to be a persisting problem with me when it comes to modern poetry. Nevertheless, this book has several pieces, each amplifying the voice of a sister even more. Planning to read a light book in terms of content and writing? You might go ahead with this.


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