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Unsaid | Asmita Rajiv | Book Review

  • Author: Asmita Rajiv
  • Paperback: 194 pages
  • Publisher: Independently Published (14 September 2020)
  • Language: English

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We, humans, are a mess, and our heads a bundle of things – good and evil. Thoughts are not limited, with no boundaries set upon them; rather, they’d be out there in the wild. Can you control their flow? If only you could!

Unsaid by Asmita Rajiv is a collection of raw thoughts – beautiful and relatable – of raw conversations she had inside her head. She lays them out without asserting any self-importance, without saying that she’d be right, without noting that she’s perfect. She just wrote what she felt, and I believe no gates must be put on anyone’s expression. Ever! She didn’t put it on herself, and I totally loved it.

There are poems, quotes, and short essays on ideas that we might have inside us, but we do not acknowledge them, let alone accept them. The self-righteous tendency comes crashing down as the author goes ahead, pouring her heart out on paper in the form of words and illustrations. As she says, ‘Unsaid’ is a memoir of her learnings and realizations. How much I adore this one line. It takes courage to accept yourself and even more guts to put out in front of this world. I am glad that the author brought out this book, and I got to read it.

When she says that our ‘humanness is gathering dust underneath our mundane chaos,’ I felt it. A line definitely worth contemplating. Then came another thought – sadness pulls us right from our core and throws us into their alchemy, alchemy of words. And then follows another – there is no reason to helplessly watch the past dig the abyss deeper. Now I don’t know how others would view this but for me, getting over things is more important than lying in shambles. Healing comes with confrontation, with acceptance and not avoidance. Agreed that everyone has a different side of their story, but this is mine. Should I alter it?

Unsaid has been a delightful journey, and I finished it multiple sittings. I had got my takeaways on days when I probably needed them the most. In this regard, poetic writing is my solace; the one thing that gives me utter peace and heals.


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