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Boston Brahmin | Kannan Srinivasan | Book Review

  • Author: Kannan Srinivasan
  • Paperback280 pages
  • PublisherGiri Trading Agency (1 January 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

We often seek the peace of mind outside of us, we seek truth and purpose, and we believe that the answers to all our questions are beyond the realms of our understanding and reach. Is it really so? If I were to answer this question, I’d say – All that lies within is supreme!

Boston Brahmin by Kannan Srinivasan is an attempt to intertwine our routine life with spirituality, to make us acknowledge that the world we seek is right inside of us. This spiritual fiction is set around a young boy, Jai, who describes how his life is shaped in his formative years and thereafter in different places, with different people. His visit to Boston for higher education plays a vital role in guiding his life and hence the name, Boston Brahmin.

The author has painstakingly fleshed out each character of the book, be it central or supporting. Each of them gets their opportunity to contribute to Jai’s life significantly. He believes in Baba’s teachings, whom his father met along his journey, and that happens to lead his spiritual growth. Through Jai’s character, we realize that our inner self is potent; it holds power; it holds a bounty of wisdom. It’s about time that we see and accept it. That is what Jai gets to do in this book, realize his potential while he is on his way to find love and career and other material possessions.

The author used beautiful expressions to create a spiritual atmosphere in the book. The writing explains the spiritual vibe of the story. It is fine, subtle, and rich in texture. Additionally, the story develops very well, in all aspects. It relates to contemporary lives but peeks into the spiritual realm. And this is definitely done in a meticulous manner. However, I found the narration being flat at some points that I had to take breaks while reading it. I believe if the plot treatment was done in a different manner so as to make it a bit easy and smooth, the book would’ve turned out to be better.

Nonetheless, the author has done a praiseworthy job with his debut work. I loved to know tidbits of spiritual wisdom.


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