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The Green Signal | Manishi Gupta | Book Review

  • Author: Manishi Gupta
  • Print Length: 38 pages
  • Publisher: Manishi Gupta (21 July 2020)
  • Language: English

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Of late, I’ve been reading a lot of poetry books. Surprisingly and a happy one at that, each of them stands different in its own way. One might have a lovely serve of words put on a platter; the other might just hit the right chord in the simplest of expressions. What beauty poetry is!

The Green Signal by Manishi Gupta is a set of poems spread across three areas – virtues, positivity, and emotions. This short ride through love, life, family, regrets, motherhood, etc. speak sense in an attractive medley of words. Words that are surreal and inviting. And with them came the aesthetic illustrations that fit the essence of poetry so well.

These poems are raw, undoubtedly, as they bring forth the author’s personal experiences hitting in waves as and when her memories come knocking at her. They speak for the author’s observations and learnings, her regrets, and realizations, which is nothing but real. Some of them might hit something inside you, might shift something inside you, might affect you profoundly, and if only that happens, the purpose of the book is attained. I specifically loved where she describes the relationship between a daughter and a father. Similarly, I was in awe of the one where she talks about God. The author has done an appreciable work of putting up this diverse mix of poetry. She wrote it, designed it, and did a wonderful job at that.

The thing I ended up not liking was that I felt meaning getting lost in the potpourri of words. You see, sometimes it so happens that intent disappears in what appears on the surface. Sometimes, the reality gets stuck between the rush and is pushed behind. I felt something similar with this book. In that regard, it is not meant for newbies into reading, not for those new to poetry either. The Green Signal needs attention, and that comes with time. Nonetheless, kudos to the author for this short but quite an artistic book.


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