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Un-Judge Your Teenager: Nurturing Your Teen to Unleash their Potential | Rajat Soni

  • Author: Rajat Soni
  • Paperback106 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press (18 July 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

Teenage is a sensitive period in any human’s life. One undergoes a lot of changes – physical and emotional – during this time. One is confused about themselves and, at the same time, perplexed about finding a place for themselves in the world. The whirlwind of emotions seems to grasp their fragile minds, and that’s where they need guidance!

Un-Judge Your Teenager by Rajat Soni is a guidebook on how the parents can deal with their teenagers. The book essentially covers tools and tips to help the elders know what approach must be adopted to handle their children with care. The author did a good job of highlighting critical factors such as communication to help the parents understand, and not judge, their teens.

In contemporary times, the teens are prone to drift in a black hole of information. When everything is available at the tip of their fingers, it is obvious that they get to know a lot of things, perhaps beyond their age. The curiosity takes the better of the rationale and, if left unguided, leads to undesirable consequences. In this book, the author, who himself is a parenting coach, suggests ways to deal with the teens. Divided into three parts – awareness, acceptance, and action – the book throws light on the roadmap for parenting the teens.

The book asks the parents to first know themselves, then try to understand the minds of their young children and initiate a conversation with them. Later, it lists down a few ways to troubleshoot 7 key areas of Concern for teens, including Screen Time, Body Image, Cyberbullying, Anxiety, and Aggression. With lucid writing and a simplistic approach, the book delivers the outline of what it means to un-judge your teenager. Alongside this, it covers a few experiences of the author that give the authentic touch to the content. It is good for an introductory knowledge of the crucial subject of parenting and could be read by the parents of teenagers.


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