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Brick, Cement & Dotcom: The Unspoken Dark Realities Of Entrepreneurship | Deep Malhotra

  • Author: Deep Malhotra
  • Paperback172 pages
  • PublisherInvincible Publishers  (24 June 2020)
  • Language: English

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Brick, Cement & Dotcom by Deep Malhotra is a helpful guide on how one can chart the path to becoming an entrepreneur. It contains both the theoretical aspects as well as certain actionable steps. It is raw, honest, and candid and thus, turns out to be helpful in learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Be it getting consumed in your passion, putting in unrelenting efforts, staying upbeat with your attitude, or simply handling different segments of people around you; this book delivers the lessons wonderfully.

In this book, the author shares his journey from being an employee to an entrepreneur. The transition was never easy for him but he believed in his passion and then persisted, and eventually managed to live a life of his dreams. The journey is still on but he’s proud of where he stands. This book chronicles his journey, the ups and downs of getting into business totally alien to him, and then navigating his way through all the challenges impressively.

For someone who is interested in business, this was a helpful read. It inspires, it motivates, it guides, it educates. The author lays bare his failures and how he picked up the pieces to move ahead. He didn’t hesitate to mention his shortcomings and that made this book an engaging read for me. The writing is both simple and interesting. The author maintains a conversation with his readers which was good.

The author attempts to give us an insight into the real world of entrepreneurship – dark, gloomy, mundane, and full of struggles. But that’s the thing, being an entrepreneur means taking loads of responsibility and you do not have the option to give up on them. Being an entrepreneur calls for immense hard work and dedication to keep up with doing your thing despite all odds. Here, you take care of your bills but you also have to provide for others in your team. The pressure is real and one who gets through becomes successful. 


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