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Nistaar | Nidhi Paralikar | Book Review

  • Author: Nidhi Paralikar
  • Paperback: 54 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press (31 August 2020)
  • Language: Hindi

Nistaar literally means to set free, to release, to disengage from the entanglement. Nistaar by Nidhi Paralikar is an attempt to free oneself from the overpowering pain and claim one’s true ‘self.’ These words are Nidhi’s but they strike something inside of us too.

The book is a collection of 24 poems written in Devanagri and English. Each poem speaks about a certain sadness, a certain melancholy, that keeps one from experiencing freedom. The poems describe loneliness and a vicious cycle of pain that follows heartbreak. Each of them screams for the lover who is torn, who is clueless and reckless, who is trying to make sense of everything around and within. Love flows through Nistaar.

In a long time, I read a book of poems that had a soothing blend of Hindi and Urdu. The amalgamation of these two languages always makes me feel at ease, at home. The two together find a way to my heart. I enjoyed reading the author’s approach to poetry. I loved how she put the emotions into words and conveyed the meaning subtly. By the end, the heartbroken lover is free of pain. It is important, it is delightful. Love does strange things, heartbreak does too.

Barring typographical errors, there was just one thing I disliked about the book. The poems were too less in number. I probably wanted more to read, to feel, and then to judge. It somehow left me dissatisfied but nonetheless, it was refreshing reading experience for me. If you’re seeking some heartfelt poetry filled with rhythm and soul, you might find yourself flipping the pages of Nistaar.


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