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Once More Without Feeling | Brandon Elsasser | Book Review

  • Author : Brandon Elsasser
  • Hardcover : 316 pages
  • Publisher : Storylab (20 June 2020)
  • Language : English

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Once More Without Feeling by Brandon Elsasser is a part-memoir that takes us on a ride with the protagonist as he navigates through his imperfect life. This book essentially sets around the dynamics of a relationship, the need for clear communication, and the intricacies of a human mind. Through the protagonist’s willingness to get through the process of admission of his flaws, we come face to face with our contemporary society and its definition of emotions and relationships.

Once More Without Feeling explores the fragile human relations. It wanders through the maze of a human life beaten by its untoward life experiences. It further moves ahead to show probably how our experiences mold us into becoming our future selves. Our protagonist is a man who happens to find ways to fill a void. He might seem like a responsible family man but mind you, he’s not. He’s everything I would dislike in a man. An infidel blinded in a married woman’s love who seeks her company to please him. But then love happens and what follows thereafter exposes the shams of a relationship built on a weak foundation.

For me, the writing was eccentric and engaging. It stood apart as the author drew vivid images of everything. It also hooked me as I was keen to discover what lay ahead for me as I flipped the pages. The story was unapologetically real showing the current setup of relationships around us. We, in present times, are always hunting for that one true love. If a marriage dissatisfies us, we’d be quick to walk out of it without fighting for it. Is love being the foundation of a marriage a fundamental truth? Perhaps, marriage has got to do much more than just soaking in the glory of love. 

I wouldn’t say that I loved the characters for they had too many flaws for my liking especially the protagonist. However, the end of the story made me smile a bit followed by a sigh. This story painted the intense family drama and I absolutely enjoyed reading through the author’s candor. It delivers the message that perfection doesn’t exist really but we can always improve and be better 🙂


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