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The Drama Queen | Ashna Khan | Book Review

  • Author: Ashna Khan
  • Publisher : LOCKSLEY HALL PUBLISHING LLP (1 January 2020)
  • Language : English

Book Review

The Drama Queen by Ashna Khan is a contemporary novel set around a woman who calls off her marriage with her husband. In the patriarchal construct of our society, a woman is shamed and belittled for taking her stand. She needs to tolerate her husband’s disgusting and atrocious behavior for the sake of humanity. She needs to be deaf, dumb, and blind to everything that happens around her. Once she takes the bold step, the society would thrash her into bits. 

Our protagonist, Shreya Vasant, is a strong woman who abandons her career for the love of her life, the sensational and super successful star. However, in due course of time, she discovers his malicious intent and after her threshold point, she abandons her marriage as well. The glamor industry corners her but that does not deter her raging spirit to fight back. She does fight back and in this battle against society, there are both loss and gain. How far Shreya would go with her determined spirit?

The story of this book resembles a movie plotline. And honestly, its glamor backdrop would make it fit for a movie adaptation. Coming to the book, the racy narration and well-sketched characters create a good impact. I particularly liked Shreya for her boldness who is not afraid of being alone. The narrative might be okayish but the writing made it a good one for me. I enjoyed flipping the pages just that at some places, the transition was way too quick. The story simply hopped without letting the reader sink into the content.

The book very well portrays the male-dominated society that feeds on power and ego, a society that wants a woman to be merely a showpiece. If you’re new to reading interested in contemporary Indian writing and is looking for a quick read, you may read this one.


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