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Dhi’s Parables of Divine Transformation | Saudamini Mishra | Book Review

  • Author: Saudamini Mishra
  • Print Length: 117 pages
  • Publisher: Paper Towns (28 September 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

Dhi, a Sanskrit word, literally means a lot of things – all related to the activities of the mind. It could be intellect, understanding, imagination, opinion, or simply mind. Digging further into the Hindu philosophy, it might correctly translate to the intellect’s processing of a particular thought.

Dhi’s Parables of Divine Transformation by Saudamini Mishra is a collection of short stories that speak of transforming oneself. All of these stories focus on one key idea – one’s flaws could be employed to transform oneself for good. And in my personal opinion, I cannot deny this one thing. I’ve come to believe in the power of what lies within. We all have the light as well as darkness right within us. And, it’s in us to choose what dominates over the other. 

The author has crafted a beautiful book adorn with equally delightful stories. Each of them carried a time with them – some were set in a pre-independence time or later while others were strongly rooted in contemporary society. What remained common in these stories is the representation of strong protagonists that undergo a multitude of changes – of thoughts and experiences – to become one with their inner divine self. They overcome the wrong within to let the light triumph. They found their awakening inside of themselves as they marched ahead with the course of their lives.

The character-driven stories showcase how negative emotions such as jealousy, resentment, and anger can fuel something positive. It does sound absurd but perhaps, it stands true. Wisdom is the idea we seek without while it can come from within. These stories are evocative, thought-provoking, engaging, and unpredictable. Did I mention the fine writing style?

I thoroughly savored this book and if you desire to read something that might uplift your spiritual self, you might give it a shot.


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