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UnMarry Me | Vani Kabir | Book Review

  • Author: Vani Kabir
  • Paperback: 198 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press (29 June 2020)
  • Language: English

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Breaking off from a relationship could be a very shattering experience. It might break you into bits and pieces, leaving you scarred for life. But should that really deter you from leading a fulfilling life? Can you break free from your grief and find a way to live?

UnMarry Me by the famous divorce monk Vani Kabir is a collection of short pieces of poetry portraying a broken person’s pain. It primarily targets the divorced people or the ones who have experienced a heart numbing separation from their partners. It essentially combines poems describing the pain followed by a self-help quote that directs us to heal ourselves. I believe this combination was a good idea for the overall presentation of the book.

Neatly served, the poems express the moments of darkness when pain engulfs someone. They bring out the gravity of a delicate situation when either man or woman walks out of their marriage. What makes this book stand apart is how the author has introduced her readers to beautiful words. Words that describe the exact emotion one might feel in a choked situation. Each word finds its place in each poem, and perhaps, this made this book fascinating. Another interesting aspect was the author’s way of explaining a hurtful situation poetically, followed by a tip to undo the hurt or heal oneself. Moreover, the images accompanying the poems were aesthetic and so in tune with the content.

Although the poems might have a specific audience, the self-help tips would apply to all irrespective of their relationship status. They are general principles which could be brought into action by anyone and everyone. I found them comfortable and practical to a point where I’d assert those little things, little changes here, and there can bring a significant impact on your life. UnMarry yourself from the vicious pain and instead fall in love with yourself; life would get simpler and the going, easy.

UnMarry Me is poetic, but it does need some refinement in terms of editing to make it better. Apart from that, the poems might not intrigue every poem lover. So, if you’ve experienced heartbreak and would want to read something comforting, you might pick this one up.


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