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Learning to Let Go and Grow: 100 More Messages for Growth and Healing | Lisa Flannigan | Book Review

  • Author: Lisa Flannigan
  • Paperback : 114 pages
  • Publisher : Luminare Press (8 June 2020)
  • Language : English

My Review

Letting go of things is your way to achieving impeccable growth in life. Be it letting go of people, your experiences including your success and failure, material possessions; each of these things would cut that string to your despondence leading you towards the light.

Learning to Let Go and Grow by Lisa Flannigan is a collection of 100 positive messages that intend to teach you the true meaning of self-help. Through these nuggets of motivation, the author wants to introduce us to the concept of self-care and gives us ideas for doing the same.

The simplistic writing but a powerful message behind each piece was both refreshing and motivating. If you are feeling low, read it. Even if you’re not feeling sad, read it. It is a book that must be read – one idea or maybe a few at a time. They will fill you with so much strength that you’d realize how taking charge of one’s life can lead it to a fulfilling one.

Some of my favorite lines from this book are given below:

  1. Give time to yourself. Take a break. You need it, you deserve it.
  2. Protect your positive energy.
  3. Putting yourself out there is a daunting task. Knowing when to do and when to draw a line is an art. We ought to master it.
  4. Feeling disconnected is a part of one’s growth.
  5. Accept where you are and remember to breathe. Take time out to clear your head.
  6. Creating a peaceful haven inside helps you navigate unsettling situations.
  7. When the hills in your life seem too steep to climb, stop & survey your landscape.

Thank you to Lisa Flannigan for a review copy. Grateful.


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