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The Billionaire and the Monk | Vibhor Kumar Singh | Book Review

  • Auhor: Vibhor Kumar Singh
  • Paperback112 pages
  • PublisherNotion Press (31 August 2020)
  • Language : English

Book Review

We run behind possessing things, we chase our ambitions; we work day in and day out to reach some elusive peak. Some of us desire money, others want fame. Rest might have their own set of wishes, their own set of worldly belongings. And in the chaos of the world, in the haste of running to catch that one wish (remember those white dandelions?), we forget to pause and ask – are we happy?

The Billionaire and the Monk by Vibhor Kumar Singh is a short self-help book that employs a fictional account to answer a crucial question – where to find happiness. Through our two central characters – a billionaire and a monk – the author attempts to explain how happiness is found in little things, how peace is within. It also touches upon other key subjects such as wealth, anger, meditation, minimalism, etc.

The book essentially propounds the idea that one need not renounce the world or embrace the robes to become happy. One can live within the complexities of the world, entangled in its day-to-day affairs, and still be happy. One simply needs to rearrange one’s perception of life, one needs to reflect upon themselves and the things around them, one needs to look inward and identify themselves. One necessarily has to be aware of his needs and wants. That one idea of self-awareness followed by self-control can create magic. And once it becomes one’s habit, a natural way of life; one would feel happy. Contentment would follow it without any further demands.

The book elaborates on minimalism and habituating oneself to live in harmony with nature. It also brings us to the realization of letting go of grudges and embrace forgiveness to lead a fulfilling life. The most important and my favorite lesson from this book is on meditation. The book says – Anything that helps you connect with your soul, though for a micro-second, is meditation. So having your morning tea in silence or reading a book in peace could also be meditation. How beautiful. 

The writing is simple and the lessons are undoubtedly helpful for all of us. Anyone who wants motivational content packed in fewer pages, read it. Anyone who has never come across a self-help book, give this one a shot.


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