Author Interview

Author Interview | Brandon Elsasser | Once More Without Feeling

Once More Without Feeling by Brandon Elsasser is a part-memoir that takes us on a ride with the protagonist as he navigates through his imperfect life. This book essentially sets around the dynamics of a relationship, the need for clear communication, and the intricacies of a human mind.

In a quick chat with Bookish Fame, Brandon Elsasser talked about his book, his writing journey, and what to expect next. Read on!

  • Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Brandon Elsasser. I live outside of Chicago, Illinois with my two daughters (7 and 5).

  • When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always loved being a storyteller, but this is my first book. I wrote it because I felt I had lived a story that was both wildly unique and still completely relatable to readers.

  • What inspires you to write books? What are the things which catch your attention?

Like many authors, I look for inspiration in the world around me. If you watch and listen to the people in your life, the best characters emerge.

  • Tell me something in brief about your book?

Once More Without Feeling | Brandon Elsasser | Book Review

Despite my mistakes and the difficulty in confronting the things that happened in the story, when push comes to shove it is simply a story about a boy meets a girl and they fall in love. Sadly, we haven’t lived happily ever after, but the end of our story hasn’t been written yet.

  • How do you organize yourself, as a writer, to keep track of the world you’re writing about?

I write when I am feeling wordy. When I am not, I work on outlining what is to come and editing what I’ve already written. 

  • When you were young, did you ever see writing as a career or a full-time profession?

I never imagined myself as a published author

  • How did you approach the writing process this time around? Do you have a set routine or does it vary? And how do you manage it with your full-time work?

I write when I am feeling wordy. When I am not, I work on outlining what is to come and editing what I’ve already written. 

  • Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

Absolutely, especially when you are writing about your own life. Nothing I’ve experienced creates a deeper sense of self-awareness.

  • What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Putting yourself and your story out there for others to read and inevitably to judge.

  • How would you describe the contemporary scenario of writing and reading around the world?

Technology changes every field, but the demand for stories that take a reader on a journey with you, especially one they can relate to on some level never changes.

  • How crucial are marketing and promotions when it comes to selling a book?

Critical, marketing yourself as an author as well as your work is a constantly evolving process.

  • Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

My work has been most influenced by Bill Clegg and Bukowski.

  • Any advice you would like to give to aspiring writers.

Write about what excites, or terrifies you. Your personality will show on the pages, make sure you expose your authentic self, for better or worse.

  • Are we going to hear more from you in the future?

Absolutely, please visit my author page at or follow my Instagram  Brandon_elsasser_author for updates on what is next from me.

*We wish Author Brandon Elsasser all the best for his future endeavors.*

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