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Olive Beans | Reeti Kalia | Book Review

  • Author: Reeti Kalia
  • Paperback150 pages
  • PublisherEvincepub Publishing (1 January 2020)
  • Language : English

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Olive Beans by Reeti Kalia is a lovely collection of beautiful short stories that center around a cafe owner, Maya, and the visitors of her happy place. Maya happens to be married to a ‘fauji’ and finds herself living a fulfilling life running this cafe – Olive Beans. This place gave her a chance to bond with people from different walks of life, empathize with them, be friends with them; and then narrate their stories through this book. She witnessed the shaping up of those stories carefully intertwined with hers as she waits for her husband to join her soon.

I personally love reading short stories and this collection left me with a sweet fuzzy feeling. I savored it, one story at a time, during my early mornings with a cup of tea and just before going back to bed. Each story articulates humans, in their raw form, and depicts their tumultuous lives.

The chance encounters, the beautiful love, the web of lies, the harshness of deceit; everything comes together in this confluence of Olive Beans. What I certainly liked was the narration that kept me turn the pages – one after another. I probably needed this book, at this time, to unwind and feel invigorated. 

Another unique thing is Maya giving secret recipes to some of her delicacies at the end of each chapter. It’s different, it’s heartwarming. With free-flowing writing and pretty easy language, the book could be read by anyone and everyone.

Right from genuine characters to the diversity of themes, this book has the ability to tug at your hearts with all the love brimming at its edges. It is the kind of book you read to relax, to feel at ease. I enjoyed reading this one and if you’re hunting for a sweet book of short stories, go ahead with this one 🙂


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