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The Strange Encounter | Duriya Kasubhai | Book Review

  • Author: Duriya Kasubhai
  • Paperback: 340 pages
  • Publisher: Notion Press (3 September 2020)
  • Language: English

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The Strange Encounter by Duriya Kasubhai is a contemporary romance fiction set in England. It focuses on a young woman, Mabel, who is training along with other friends to be a policewoman. However, her life takes a turn, for the better, when she stumbles upon Lord Brodwell. The encounter, as strange as it was, would give rise to a tantalizing love story.

The book starts off with a quick pace and everything seems to be rushing in fewer words. However, after some time, we find things getting settled, not to the point of distillation though. I liked how the author weaved the story because the transition of Mabel from a woman working under the sun to the one taking care of a child in a lavish setting is smooth. I specifically liked how she ended up establishing a smooth connection with the child, who lived with the lack of motherly affection.

As the story progresses, Mabel and Lord Brodwell fall in love that develops gradually and steamily. The author took care in crafting the scenes of brimming love and passion. However, I personally found them overwhelming. Probably, the detailed narrative springing up repeatedly made the story drag unnecessarily. It might also be because I’ve read similar haters to lovers trope and found it repetitive in this book.

Moreover, I didn’t like some aspects of Mabel. While she represents a woman of a warm heart, she also portrays herself as a desperate woman lacking her ground. Now, this could be a very personal take but I genuinely dislike characters that fall short of holding on their ground. Additionally, the book demands strict editing to get it rid of visible typographical errors.

In a nutshell, The Strange Encounter would be a good pick for those interested in romance for its intricate detailing and polished writing. I do look forward to reading a variety of works by the author.


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