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The Other Cheek | Jafe Danbury | Book Review

  • Author: Jafe Danbury
  • Print length: 288 pages
  • Publisher: JEFE PRESS (8 October 2019)
  • Language: English

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The Other Cheek by Jafe Danbury throws light on the existing but ignored aspect of domestic violence. This book challenges us to see the vice of domestic violence from a broader perspective. 

Often we believe that in a failed marriage, it is only the female counterpart who could be a victim. However, there can be cases where the male counterpart happens to be on the receiving end. Such cases remain unknown for the men are afraid to speak up and admit their weakness. The men fail short of admitting their incapability to put up a fight. That’s what society taught them. That’s what they follow for their entire lives.

This book has two central characters – Rich and Tami. The two are presumably happily married. But behind the doors, there is a vicious cycle of violence that plays out as and when Tami doesn’t find things right. The book elaborates on the mentally ill wife hitting her husband and the charade goes on for as long as 4-5 years or maybe longer. The husband, Rich, is bruised, hurt, and is hurting even more as he tries to please his wife. But how long this act would keep him down and beaten?

Jafe has woven a page-turner incorporating the elements of thrill and suspense. In the first few pages, it seems that life would be smooth for Rich and Tami. But after reading a bit more, I stumbled upon a psychologically disturbed character of Tami who wants to fulfill all her demands. And when her desires remain unmet, she gets violent and abusive. Jafe has done a great job at bringing forth a story that lurks in the shadows, waiting to come out. But it stays in the dark out of fear and shame.

I loved how realistic this book turned out to be. Its authenticity comes from the fact that nowhere, I found it going overboard. In fact, the story remained true to its intent and shook me. It also strengthened my faith in the belief that not all that appears is true. There could be something more malicious and horrifying beneath the surface.


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