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The Soul Voyager | Meera Jenkal | Book Review

  • Author: Meera Jenkal
  • Paperback : 158 pages
  • Publisher : Notion Press (4 June 2020)
  • Language : English

Book Review

Some books are seemingly simple, but they hold some of the essential life lessons. And while one would want to unravel the mystery of life, one finds the way of stories to be the most convincing. Isn’t it?

The Soul Voyager by Meera Jenkal is a collection of interconnected short stories that speak of wisdom with a tinge of poetry. The beauty of his book lies in the fact that it delivers the most simple but essential lessons in the best way possible. The stories are unique as well as engaging, to the point that reading the book at any time of day makes it just right.

The book follows two characters – Taha and Syun. Taha is the one who is lost in her life and finds it difficult to navigate it. One fine day, she comes across Syun, and her conversations with him alter the course of her life. Syun brings into effect the magic of stories that talk about inspiration, love, self-belief, fate, dreams, etc. Each story is spellbinding in its narrative and narration as it uses metaphors and allegories. I soaked in the calm charm of this book to feel settled inside.

My favorite stories happened to be those concerning fate and love. I was truly overwhelmed by the depth of the emotions and the way it was portrayed in the book. As much as we are made to believe that our fate is predecided, this book makes you subtly shift your notions. Thus, the stories never got too preachy while retaining the quality of being easily comprehensible.

I believe that this book would make an ideal read for the children for them to acquaint with the important life lessons. However, the adults would find it a soothing read as well because the rush of our lives introduces us to crests and troughs. Both of them baffle us, and in that case, a good poetic and meditative read always works like therapy.


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