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Ten Things Your Skinny Friends Don’t Tell You | Keerthi Yella | Book Review

  • Author: Keerthi Yella
  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (6 August 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

Ten Things Your Skinny Friends Don’t Tell You by Keerthi Yella is a personal development book packed with a punch of wit and humor. I know there are people who wonder why do their skinny friends never put on weight. They do think over the fact as to why only skinny and fair becomes the definition of beautiful. With this book, the author attempts to shade the ill notions prevalent in society.

This book lays out the ten secrets of the size-zero people whose figure becomes the subject of envy very easily. With that being said, the author tries to challenge these secrets, or say tricks, to encourage body positivity amongst the masses. Because agree on it or not, we’re always wanting what we do not have. Body-shaming and consequently, feeling inferior is not a new thing. It is very much affecting us, day in and day out, within and without.

This book, with its simple writing and engaging style, aims to urge people to adopt healthy eating habits and lifestyle. It is not necessary that our skinny friends are skinny and healthy. (Remember, all that glitters is not gold!) Similarly, it also explains the natural but important tips to keep oneself healthy. The author managed to define body positivity as well as healthy living with a tinge of sarcasm and humor. It’s wonderful.

For a non-fiction read, the book is concise and full of illustrations. They just add to the overall presentation of the book. Although a book like this might seem like demanding a niche audience, I feel that all of us can read it to know how to be healthy while laughing out loud.


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