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How to Write a Book Review?

How to Write a Book Review?

Guest Post by Aakanksha Jain

Books, a magic that can transport you to a new world, a whole new universe, oh dear, you name it. Reading a book is more like wearing Harry Potter’s invisible cloak and roaming around its characters to have a look at their life, you see them, you hear them, and you live them, all the time while you still remain invisible.

While enjoying a good book is a sort of pleasure, suggesting it to others is a different kind of joy. Reviewing books give you that joy. Book nerds always have one drawback; they never find the right person to discuss books; finding one is as rare as catching a shooting star. But just because you have not acquainted, it never means that the species is extinct. We have book lovers all around the globe and people who start their book journey being born every day. Now, with the extended social media usage, it has become an easy task to create a community that can hear your views and share theirs.

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The same strength that brings you together is the big barrier that stops you from reaching your target audience. Yes, the very same extended social media usage that brings us together stops us from reaching one other. Say, you are trying to read a book and wanted to know its review so, you search by the book’s name in Google; the next moment, you will be flooded with a stupendous number of reviews that leave you bewildered. So, how do you think you will reach the right audience by just posting some common reviews among these millions of results? Fret not; we are here to help your way out. In this article, you will see how to write a book review that reaches the right audience.

Start and keep it simple:

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is to maintain a simple conversational tone throughout. Imagine you are just giving a piece of your mind about the book to your friend, you will not use fancy words there, similarly just keep it light and easy that will improve the engagement with the audience.

Try to include attractive sentences that might induce the curiosity of the reader to know more and make him stay with you throughout the post. It is always the way you connect the reader that matters; the jargons are redundant, I am emphasizing it.

Don’t be the spoiler:

Nobody wants to know the end of the story and lose the fun, So, never ever be the spoiler. Give a small summary of the book, maybe a little more than that is given on the book cover, but not the important plots and twists. You are only trying to give your views and not intended to let the story out, so be very careful about that.

Give Constructive criticism:

Reviewing the book doesn’t mean you should not talk about the author, you can give your views on the author’s way of handling the language, plotting the characters, and whatever you feel like commenting on, but, make sure you use decent language, and your criticism is honest and constructive. This will not only improve your reach among the readers but the authors too.

Be honest:

Being honest with your reviews is a very important quality that you have to possess. Even when you do affiliate marketing be very sure that you invest your timing in giving a review that you feel true and honest to your mind. Work on creating a brand and never put your credibility at stake, at any cost.

You can have an opinion that is not widely accepted, but that should be original. A negative review doesn’t mean it is dishonest, readers can see between a copied and original review. Put yourselves into the readers’ shoes before you write your review, that will help you in many ways to optimize it.

Quote your favorites:

Quoting your favorite lines from the book will personalize the review, and it will kindle the readers’ interest in the book. This will show the reader that you have actually put your work in writing the review, and it is not some copy-pasted post.

Give a rating:

Your post is going to reach as faster as it is easier to skim through and including a rating in your review will help you achieve it. Sometimes when a person is not intended to read the whole review, he will still get what he is looking for from your ratings, and for those who made it to the end of the article, your ratings will only be a cherry on the top to conclude. So, either way, it is an ideal practice to include ratings in your review.

Be genuine and respectful in sharing your views; always end with a rounded-up conclusion that summarizes all the points that you talked about in the review. The key is consistency and quality, keep posting often, and give contents that are SEO optimized and unique to reach a wider audience. As much as you concentrate on your content, concentrate on your visibility and marketing too, for the people to follow, they must know you exist.

Written by Aakanksha Jain, Bookscharming


Know your author – Aakanksha Jain is a book blogger and an author of non-fiction book, How to Become an Amazon Influencer. Her blog Books Charming is one of the top book blogs in India. You can connect with her through –

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