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Journey of a JuBu | Blaine Langberg | Book Review

  • Author: Blaine Langberg
  • Print length: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Blaine Langberg (2 March 2020)
  • Language: English

Book Review

Do you love reading books within books? Or do you appreciate reading books with characters involved in reading or writing?

Journey of a JuBu by Blaine Langberg is a wonderfully crafted novel that titillates you, makes you laugh, uplifts you, and satisfies you on a deeper level. It is a book that essentially talks about attaining the right spiritual alignment to lead a balanced and fulfilling life. It is about a Jew finding his inner Bu! To top that, it never misses out on the quintessential essence of humor.

It is a story of the aspiring author, Jacob, who happens to be an orthodontist. An abrupt incident takes him back to his days of writing. He wants Maggie, the sought-after literary agent, to consider his manuscript. And so did she. However, Maggie is intent on changing the storyline; she wants a drastic change with what Jacob calls a special project. Would Jacob change it?

Journey of a JuBu is a cleverly written novel, for it contains two stories inside of it. One is that of Jacob, who is working hard at bettering his book. The other is his alter ego, who is the protagonist of the book Jacob is working on. This book comes out as Jacob trying to tell his story while hiding behind Adam, his alter ego. Adam is a pathetic character and a total jerk. But Jacob sees him as attaining enlightenment after going through a traumatic incident. Through this book, Jacob attempts to talk about his days of low light and how he navigated his way to spirituality.

The book has interesting narratives and multiple POVs with some of the most realistic characters. However, I loved it more for how it discusses spirituality. The author made an effort to talk about Christianity, Judaism, and then Buddhism. Not to mention, the talks of spiritual awakening had my heart. Inner peace is a personal thing; spirituality is a personal thing. Moreover, I am impressed by how well the author continued to handle multiple parallel storylines, for they never seemed too heavy to me.

The author wrote this book when he was grappling with anxiety. This book marks his journey of improving his life. What makes this book stand out is its self-help material meticulously intertwined with the stories. What also makes it appealing is the contemporary setting and references because they never make the book sound preachy. I truly enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to all.


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