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The Art of Perfect Pooping! | George Kataroyan

  • Print length: 47 pages
  • Publisher: George Kataroyan (16 November 2020)
  • Language: English


This book is a first in history, where Hugo the dog shares some of their most well-kept secrets about how and why they do their business the way that they do. It includes fun illustrations with fictional, funny thoughts, while also presenting the true facts behind some of the quirks of man’s best friend.

Book Discussion | Thoughts

Do you own a pet dog or do you want to have one in the future?

A dog is said to be the man’ best friend, the most loyal of all, and the one who’d stay by your side even if you lose everything. I never had a pet dog but I have interacted with people who love their pets. The way they maintain their camaraderie with their fluffy beings is always adorable.


The Art of Perfect Pooping!: A book made by dogses for humanses by the author George K is a fun and entertaining tale of Hugo. Hugo takes the responsibility of letting the world know how do dogs think about things. Hugo goes on to chip in the top-secrets of dogs along with sharing interesting explanations behind whatever a dog does.

I loved this short, quirky book for its different voice and those super amazing illustrations. I was just smiling while reading this little bundle of facts and quirk. I think if you’ve a doggo or want to have one, you may read this one to get a sneak peek inside the head of the pet. It is going to be an engaging read for children under 13.

“The Art of Perfect Pooping!” is available in Paperback and consists of 48 pages.

Get your copy here:

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