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Reinvent Yourself: Achieving the Impossible Using Science | Elizabeth Otis | Book Review

  • Author: Elizabeth Otis
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 149 pages
  • Genre: Self-help

Book Review

Do you aim to finish specific number of books in next wo weeks?

I am a firm believer in the idea of the law of attraction. I am also very optimistic (:p) and heavily rely on the idea of self. It’s like if you can think of doing something, you can very well do it. You can find the strength within; you can go weak in the knees too. Not shoving down the toxic positivity, but maybe, you can heal on your own too!

Reinvent Yourself by Elizabeth Otis is a self-help book that focuses on drawing energy from within to change our lives. It is a book that makes you believe that you can pick the shreds of your disappointments and turn them into stepping stones to success. It is a book that emphasizes that there’s something within us that shines. We just need to remove the black veil of doubts that cloud our perception of ourselves.

The author makes use of scientific concepts to substantiate her points on reinventing oneself. She talks about frequencies that rule our lives. We all work on a specific frequency, and we tend to resonate with the matching one in the universe. So, if you align with someone’s frequency, you’ll get along well with them. But if you don’t, feel free to step aside and move on. On your way to leading a fulfilling life, you’ll come across several obstacles. The book points them out and presents ways to get over them.

Reinventing oneself happens when we look within. We got to connect with our internal self in order to connect with our outer world. Once you learn to become the bridge between your within and without – you can be well on your way to discover new knowledge and apply it to your life. The crisp presentation of the matter, complemented with a few illustrations, makes this book an interesting read. I also liked how the author tries to maintain an active conversation throughout the book.

If you’re looking for an exciting self-help book to discover yourself and haven’t explored this genre before, go for this one.

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