Why Do We Need Imagination Now More Than Ever?

Why do we need imagination now more than ever?

A time like a pandemic is for developing and mastering new skills, adjusting to the altered scenarios, taking good care of yourself, and making a plan for the future. Agreed that these are blurry and that we aren’t in the right frame of mind but tell me, can we take it as reason for procrastinating? At this crucial point, NO!

I might sound brutal but the time after the pandemic would demand of you to be proactive and agile. It would test your talent, it would measure your potential. So, it’s best you take enough rest now and along with that, plan your future course of action.

This is the time when you can build and utilize your capacity to create, evolve, and carve out brand new pathways. And tell you what, in all these activities, your imagination would play a vital role. So, let’s check out how can you develop your imagination:

  • Reflect – Take time out to contemplate over what has gone by and what’s to come. Think over your abilities and how can you make best use of them. Meditate, listen to music, dance, or do anything that brings you inner joy.
  • Ask open-ended questions – If you are an individual or a business leader, think upon how the current landscape would affect you. How can you serve your customers in the times to come? How can you better yourself? How would you carve a space for yourself in the era of tough competition?
  • Be playful – There’s no doubt that indulging in a physical activity makes you sharp and laser-focused. It develops your imagination naturally and lets you be in harmony with your inner being and outer world.
  • Seek unexpected – In a time of shifting dynamics, you definitely cannot think of things not changing. Unexpected opportunities and challenges would present themselves to you and if you want to be  the winner, embrace them.
  • Value ideas – Read, learn, communicate. Up scale yourself. Collect ideas, share ideas, and scale them. Let your acquaintances and friends communicate their perspectives and ideas, let this pandemic be an opportunity to connect meaningfully. This will, for sure, give tangible outputs.
  • Thrive on hope – Amidst everything, do not lose hope. I cannot ask you to be positive always but I can and I would definitely say it loud that we can get through anything if only we cling on to our hopes.

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3 thoughts on “Why Do We Need Imagination Now More Than Ever?

  1. Only agile minds and businesses armed with a sharp edge to reinvent will grab success. I agree with you. Your ideas about taking rest and meditate, working on business ideas jumping straight in fire will take us places. Post pandemic, there shall be no time to sit and mull. Push towards the edge is key, Khyati.

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