A Life of My Own | Rupangi Sharma | Book Review

  • Author: Rupangi Sharma
  • Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications; 1st edition (1 January 2020); Manipal Technologies Limited
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 168 pages
  • Country of Origin: India

Book Review (3)

A Life of My Own by Rupangi Sharma is a contemporary fiction set around a sensitive topic of sex-selective abortion. It talks about society’s bias towards a male child. It further elaborates on how a woman finds her wings to bring her baby girl into this unfair world.

Shweta leads a loveless marriage life with her husband, Rahul. However, she feels that having a baby would change things between them. But when she does get pregnant, she is showered love with an expectation of bearing a boy in her womb. However, Shweta knows the truth and she gets reluctant to share it. But the truth does come out and it leads one thing to another, leaving Shweta clueless. Now, she has to figure out how to bring her baby into this world and be on her own.

The story is emotional and heartfelt as it involves a woman fighting against all odds to give birth to her baby. It documents the ups and downs as she maneuvers her way through the maze. Not to mention, the journey is more on the tough side for Shweta, who’d have to deal with society as well as her family. Amidst this, her friend supports her and this gives her enough strength. The book is a journey of Shweta finding her voice, standing on her feet, and eventually finding an identity.

The book proves to be a good read for it touches upon a crucial subject of gender bias. It also highlights how difficult it is for a single mother to raise her child in society. It further chronicles the dynamics of a sound friendship and the generation differences in terms of thinking. I personally found the story lacking depth and effective writing. It sure was good but not exactly impactful. However, the conversation between the expectant mother and her unborn baby girl stood out for me. It gave a fresh touch to this story.

The intent of this book is great, but perhaps, the storyline could have more depth and dimensions.

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