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Improve Your Self-Image by Understanding What Makes Someone | Justin Clottey

  • Author: Justin Clottey
  • Genre: Personal Development and Self-Help
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 103 pages

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Improve Your Self-Image by Understanding What Makes Someone Attractive by Justin Clottey is one of its kind book with its self-explanatory title. The book lists down the aspects of a person that determine their attractiveness. It also puts down how we can become attractive for anyone based on various parameters.

We often wonder as to how we can attract people towards us. Be it our personal or professional lives; this question continues to nag us. Because whether you agree or not, all of us want to be desirable. Divided into two halves – Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree, this book aims to educate us on the subject of attraction and why it is important. It essentially explains the key factors of attractiveness – certainty, ease, balance, brevity, mastery, lightheartedness, reputation, physical appearance, and romantic attractiveness.

Certainty is all about what you’re passionate about in life. Your commitment towards your goal would pull others to you. With ease, the author refers to the calm composure we exhibit under trying circumstances. Balance in one’s life comes with self-examination, while mastery is very important to position yourself as a desirable human.

Brevity is all about maintaining an air of intrigue around you while lightheartedness comes with being easy-going. It also means how grateful you’re for your blessings and if you’ve come to terms with yourself. Reputation is concerned with being aware of your impact on others. Attractiveness has a lot to do with physical appearance and romantic intrigue as well.

The author helps to bust our notions of attractiveness and provides us a fresh perspective. The content is crisp and comes out as very well-researched and thought over. The book stays on its point with easy language and actionable tips though I feel I wanted more out of it.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to become an attractive individual, this book will direct you on the right path. Although we believe that physical appearance casts a major impact, one’s overall attractiveness considers a lot of factors. If the premise interests you, dive into this one without any doubt πŸ˜€

My rating: 4/ 5

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