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Star-Crossed | Enakshi Johri | Book Review

  • Author: Enakshi Johri
  • Publisher: Inkquills Publishing House (17 November 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 244 pages
  • Country of Origin: India

Book Review

Tell me about the last romance novel you read.

I’ve known Enakshi for a long time, probably from the time I started reviewing around four years ago. I’ve enjoyed reading her reviews, and when she came up with her own book, there was no chance of me skipping it.

Star-Crossed is a sweet and heart-warming tale of Avyan and Adah, who happen to work together at the NYT. Avyan falls head over heels in love with the beauty and brain of the fierce Adah. However, the spin of the story gives his budding love a rather unexpected direction. As for Adah, with the passage of time, she realizes the value of taking the right decision and standing for one’s happiness and contentment.

Firstly, I was mesmerized by the cover. It is legit beautiful! Secondly, the writing is smooth and reader-friendly. It was a refreshing experience for me to read contemporary fiction that revolved around love and had an unconventional climax. The characters are in adequate numbers and each of them gets a chance to contribute to the development of the story. As far as plot treatment is concerned, it is fine. Star-crossed talks about mature love that comes with understanding. It also brings the truth of letting go to the fore. The book didn’t take me more than a few hours to finish because of its well-paced narration.

This book pulled me in with its cover but didn’t satisfy me with its storyline. It started off well but somewhere in the middle, and thereafter, it missed out on depth. It felt that the plot rushed without giving any meaning to the story. The love story is amazing but didn’t bring anything new to the table. I’d have certainly liked this book more if the story gave more room to each and every character to tell their story, especially Avyan. Moreover, I’d have liked it more if the story of Adah and Avyan together could have displayed more depth and substance.

Nonetheless, it would prove to be a light-hearted novel for you to read when you need something easy, when you want to stay at the surface and not take a plunge into the intimidating depths.

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