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Eat Up, Clean Up | Manjari Chandra | Book Review

  • Author: Manjari Chandra
  • Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing (1 September 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 200 pages

Book Review

What are some threats to our good health? How do you continue to stay healthy?

Eat Up, Clean Up by Manjari Chandra is a guide on healthy eating habits, backed by logic and experience. The book covers how we can bring about a change in ourselves by altering our food consumption. By the end, the book convinces us to look for the best food right in our kitchen than resorting to packaged or microwave foods!

The author used lucid language to weave a convincing narrative of healthy eating. She picked anecdotes and data from credible research reports to explain how unhealthy eating is drastically affecting us. She also pin-pointed misleading information provided by the pharma industry that aims to convince us that things can only get better with medicines. However, the truth is that most of our problems could be solved by altering our lifestyle.

All of us would agree that our sedentary lifestyle has done us a lot of harm. Personally, I’ve been observing its bad effects and now, I am slowly making my way to healthy food choices and living, in general. We might take things casually but we do not realize that deteriorating health can have severe results in the future. I loved how the book talks candidly about everything wrong with our current way of eating. Be it depending on packaged foods or trying to indulge in quick solutions for gratification, we choose an easy way. In this, we do not pay heed to where we’re going wrong!

In a nutshell, it is a great book to know your mistakes and correct them as the author provided suggestions to direct us towards healthy eating. And did I mention that the author advocated Ayurveda that has a key to a lot of our woes? Go for this insightful book to embrace healthy eating and living.

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