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Together we were (W)hole | Namrata Gupta | Book Review

  • Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP (10 December 2020);
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 178 pages
  • Generic Name: Thriller Book

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Together We Were (W)hole by Namrata Gupta is a thrilling tale of love, deceit, and revenge that follows a strong-headed girl, Sanaya, and her lover, Siddharth. Their story takes us through the breeze of love and the grief of heartbreak. It further directs us to uncover some mysteries as Sanaya is well on her way to avenge Siddharth for his wrongdoings.

The story is primarily set around Sanaya and Siddharth with some room provided for the side characters. It is a fast-paced story where the girl falls in love with her man and finds it crippling at a later point of time. Things get nasty as she’s unable to keep up with her lover’s expectations (or maybe, ambitions) and burns in the hellfire. However, she’s set to come back to take what’s her and fight for it until she heaves a sigh of relief. But the truth is stranger than her reality and that would change everything.

I enjoyed spending my time with this quick read that hooked me right away. The writing is smooth and the wordplay turned out to be really good. The author did a good job with her characters that had their own strengths and vulnerabilities. None of them was perfect and so, they turned out to be more real. However, the second half of the story left me a tad bit disappointed. The first half had set a bat for me and I was hoping for a spectacular plot twist. Alas! I didn’t get one. The plot treatment was okay and made up for a fair enough good read. In fact, the book would probably make an engrossing movie. As for a debut book, the overall presentation was noteworthy.

Although a few instances in the book seemed inadequate, I liked that the story remained to the point. It is not a thriller exactly. It’s more like a contemporary romance fiction that has a few challenges leading to a happily ever after. Together We Were (W)hole is a beginner-friendly book and one would easily finish it in no time.

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