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When My Mind Winds Up | Jennifer Ervig

  • Publisher: New Harbor Press (14 February 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 142 pages

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When My Mind Winds Up by Jennifer Ervig is a fun and practical guide on how to deal with the sought-after subject of anxiety. We all battle it, some do it on a daily basis. Anxiety is a real monster that must not be shooed away. It is something that needs to be acknowledged and understood in order for us to better handle it.

Jennifer has explained how one can (and probably should) deal with the anxiety. She took the help of anecdotes, Biblical references and candid writing to drive the point home that anxiety is a real thing. We got to treat it that way. There’s no point denying its existence. It will only make the matters worse. However, what we do need to know is that we can alter our perception.

Jennifer argues that if we try to take our minds off anxiety and remember Jesus, things might get better for us. She explains that if we tend to plant good thoughts and nurture them daily, we might end up getting better results. At one point, she says that don’t ask why me. Rather, ask why not me. And that would indeed change a lot of things for you. Now, this point might resonate with some while some may disregard it. Nevertheless, I found Jennifer’s explanation pretty much effective.

The book is divided into several chapters and each one offers food for thought in the end. In a nutshell, it is a lovely book to read if you want to get some practical advice regarding anxiety.

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