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Bedazzle | Shamoly Khera | Book Review

  • Author: Shamoly Khera
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury India (18 December 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 296 pages

My Review

Bedazzle by Shamoly Khera is a wonderful book that talks about how one can charm the people as they bring about a significant change in themselves. And the key is confidence -the most elusive yet the most important trait that can work wonders in anyone’s life. Bedazzle draws upon the setbacks, deep-seated in our subconscious, and directs us towards treading ahead with that charming and glorious confidence.

The book is divided into 12 chapters, each further broken down into sub-topics, to better illustrate the ‘art and science of eternal confidence.’ The chapters focus on limiting beliefs, self-victimisation, self-actualisation, what you speak and how you speak, dressing sense, self-esteem boosters, etc. The author delivers a power-packed content as she goes on to uncover our fears, anxieties, and direct us towards becoming more confident. What I absolutely liked about the book was that it never sounded preachy to me. Moreover, as the author interestingly shared her personal experiences, the book went on to become a bedazzling read for me.

I was thoroughly impressed with the structure of the book that made use of flowcharts, as and when needed. I probably ended up loving this book because I could see myself as the author shared bits of her own life. I’ve always believed in the fact that we have the power to choose what we would want to be. Our present state shall not command our future if we believe in perpetual growth and learning.

The book very well hints at the times we are kids because back then, we never let our failures throw us into the abyss. We fall, we stand, we learn, we begin again. However, as we grow up, our rejections and failures cast a grave impact on us. Bedazzle helps one to believe in themselves, their innate power, their defining uniqueness, and lead a more fulfilling life. It does guide one in building their personality – be it in speaking impressively or dressing well or simply flashing a genuine smile – by using the accessible tips.

It is a kind of book I’d go back to in future and would definitely recommend it to all. Learn how to bedazzle others with the right blend of art and science 🙂

Book your copy here: Bedazzle by Shamoly Khera

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