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5 Must-Reads by Durjoy Datta | Guest Post by Ekta Singh Chandel

5 Must-Reads by Durjoy Datta

Recognised as a young achiever in the field of Media and Communications by Whistling Woods International, Durjoy Datta has won millions of Indian hearts. His romantic books keep his reader engrossed until the end. Moreover, a writer who started his career as an engineer can never fail to inspire the youth of India. 

His work is known not only for the story plot but for the book’s characters as well. His words have an artistry that tunes with his readers very well. Read on to learn about Durjoy Datta’s best books

  1. The Perfect Us


The Perfect Us is a story of Deb & Avantika. From surviving the college to becoming each other’s best friends, they have been together for ten years. The story starts with Avantika asking Deb to plan a family ahead. Initially, Deb is too afraid of being a father, but with time he changes his mind. This book showed me the pain that a woman goes through. I loved how Durjoy, being a man, didn’t fail to convey the message.

  1. Wish I Could Tell You


Wish I Could Tell You is a story of Anusha & Ananth. This book starts with Anusha joining her new job at Unlike other romantic books, this isn’t a regular one. This is set in different time frames. What I enjoyed is how Durjoy creates so many pieces and smoothly brings them together one by one. 

  1. Till the Last Breath


Till the Last Breath is a story of Pihu & Dushyant, fighting the death in a single room of the hospital. This story starts with Dushyant hating Pihu for her hopes towards life. Through the most struggling phase of life, both of them share each other’s haunting past and other influential stories. I loved how Durjoy Datta has framed this story plot in a single location. 

  1. The Boy Who Loved


This is a story of Raghu who never plans to fall in love but starts having feelings for a girl Brahmi. He tries hard to keep up with his agenda but ends up fighting for it. Deep down, he also feels guilty of not saving his school friend from drowning in the swimming pool. I easily connected with the characters of this book. 

  1. A Touch of Eternity


A Touch of Eternity is my most recent read. This is a story of Druvan & Anvesha. This is a masterpiece romance by Durjoy highlighting societal norms. The story starts with Druvan and Anvesha fighting for their togetherness against their family. Born on the same day at the same time, these two accept each other as their soulmates. This isn’t a half-baked tragedy but a fresh love story. I started relating with the characters from the very beginning. I liked how Durjoy maintained the flow of the book till the end. 

Durjoy Datta has a good command over the English language and he never fails to hit to the core. These are five must-reads by Durjoy Datta that I enjoyed reading and recommend to the contemporary lovers. Tell me about your favourite book by Durjoy in the comment section below. 

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