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Blood on the Sands | Sujata Sabnis | Book Review

  • Publisher: Amaryllis (10 November 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 224 pages

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Blood on the Sands by Sujata Sabnis is a power-packed thriller that punches you in your face with its layered narrative. It is a book that explores several topics meticulously and leaves us wide-mouthed with its spectacular climax. It’s been quite a long time I read a page-turner and I am so glad that I got a chance to read this book. It indeed left me heartbroken and I had to take my time to process everything.

Blood on the Sands is set in Kuran, the last Indian village on the Indo-Pak border. It follows the life of a simple family of four – Mankor, her husband, Virender, and her two children, Ranu and Samar. Right from the beginning, we are aware of the somber atmosphere as Mankor sees the Twos. Her visions set the right tone for what’s to happen in future. It also gives us a peek into the haunting past that never leaves her. Never. The story also features a terror plot against India around the time of Diwali. Together, these parallel storylines intertwine to bring out a baffling truth.

The author’s brilliant writing helps us navigate the Rann of Kutch as it presents an unbelievable reality to us. We come across a woman who is covering her face with her pallu and biting her lips when her husband arrives after a long time. The same woman looks ecstatic around her daughter. We also see a young boy who wants his mother to talk less about his sister. There’s a brutal murder that brings Commandant Ranbir on his feet as he tries hard to uncover the truth.

The story deftly handles the crucial subject of female infanticide and mental health. It also throws light on sexism, animal abuse, and gender disparity. The story keeps us turning the pages in the anticipation of what next. And after arriving at the climax, it leaves it on us to process everything. I absolutely loved the atmospheric writing and the entire build-up leading to a dramatic end. This thriller questions our society as it unpacks the truth after a series of intensely disturbing events.

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