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Mental Maze | Vidit Singh Gautam | Book Review

  • Author: Vidit Singh Gautam
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 65 pages

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We often talk about mental health these days. Thankfully, with time, we’ve come to acknowledge its enormity alongside accepting it as a normal issue and not a taboo. It is a topic that might occupy space in the discussions but does not find a lot of understanding. To put it simply, we know mental health problems are real but do we know how grave they are?

Mental Maze by Vidit Singh Gautam is an account of a girl Lisa who gradually falls in the abyss of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She finds it extremely tough to behave ‘normally’ for her thoughts are both disturbing as well as harmful. She is trying to seek help but to no avail. The neglect might end up pushing her to the brink of giving up. Would she be saved?

The book elaborates what one goes through when their mental health is not right. It explains the small changes in great detail. Right from washing hands repeatedly to hallucinating, Lisa has it all. Her parents do come forth to help but she’s unable to get help from herself. My heart went out to poor Lisa who wants to be freed of her mental maze.

Honestly, at 65 pages, this book did a good job of educating its readers about OCD. I’d commend the author for bringing up an important topic and describing it fairly well. However, the story fell short of good editing and a sound narration. Topics such as mental health demand a good deal of power-packed writing to present a true picture. Mental Maze introduced the topic very well but does not leave a strong impact on the readers because of dull plot treatment.

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