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Softening the Edge | Mimi Nicklin | Book Review

  • Author: Mimi Nicklin
  • Publisher: The Dreamwork Collective; First edition (15 September 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 293 pages

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Softening the Edge by Mimi Nicklin is a defining guide on how empathy is needed more than ever in the empathy deficit world. Mimi says that it’s high time we go back to being more humans and value each other. It goes without saying that this is a kind of book we all need to read right now!

The book comprises both Mimi’s personal experiences as well as key lessons for this ‘alone’ world. I liked her fresh perspective on work from home culture and how it has its own set of cons. She argues that while the millennials are willing to become a part of a culture that looks at a big picture, they’re also likely to give up on corporate offices and retreat to their freelance career. She adds that the exit time is decreasing with more young people leaving their bosses because it’s taking a toll on them. In this regard, the companies are losing brilliant talent, the young minds are missing out on opportunities to interact and learn from others, and as a nation, we’re losing money.

I’d agree on the fact that we’ve become quick to make decisions. As much as a freelance career attracts, it also leaves us a bit lonely. Imagine not brainstorming with real people, not gossiping over a cup of coffee, not having anyone to pat on our shoulder when we did something good. However, it’s about time the corporate houses start valuing their employees and build a culture that makes people say that they truly love their job. I cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to become less mechanical and more human in this capitalist world for us and the businesses to thrive.

The book has Mimi’s amazing take on empathetic workplaces. She also shares her experiences of dealing with people as head of different organizations. She believes that we need to shift towards a caring economy to build a close-knit community of love. With that, this book has a universal application and I’d recommend it to all 🙂

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