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Marbella | Pankaj Saini | Book Review

  • Author: Pankaj Saini
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1st edition (30 October 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 374 pages

My Review

Marbella by Pankaj Saini is the second book in the series Music Men that revolves around the powerful character of Marbella, a female superhero. The book brings out her enigmatic personality while our Badoga struggles to find his purpose in life. Amidst their respective journeys, we stumble upon werewolves, mythological characters, some scientific descriptions, adventure, and a lot of fun and entertainment.

I remember reading volume 1, Badoga, in 2019. The series adeptly forays in the less frequently charted territories of fantasy fiction in India. Marbella attempts to answer some pertinent questions such as why these superheroes get the name – Music Men! It travels from Bengaluru to as far and wide as Prague for our two characters – Badoga and Marbella – to have a fun break. However, this break has something in store for our Sartaj (aka Badoga) who’d soon fall in love with a vampire and fight wolves! What happens thereafter is for you to discover in the book.

The second volume comes as a pleasant surprise as the author blended mythology, science, and contemporary setting (political, social, and cultural). Not to mention, this combination worked for me for I found myself thoroughly enjoying this book. I loved how it started right where it left in book 1 and continued to bring in a good dose of fun. The fact that Badoga is guided by Morrhen, God as they call him, is interesting in the way both of them connect in his mind. Moreover, I loved the well fleshed out characters and the overall narration of the story.

What I didn’t like about the book was its length that I believe could have been trimmed to create a better impact on the readers. Some descriptions and conversations appeared dragged. Also, I was looking forward to getting a better insight into Marbella’s character, since she’s our cover and title girl. Maybe, it’s just me but I probably wanted more! Apart from this, the book turned out to be an engrossing reading experience for me.

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