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Happimess | Biswajit Banerji | Book Review

  • Author: Biswajit Banerji
  • Publisher: LOCKSLEY HALL PUBLISHING LLP (1 January 2020)
  • Language: English

I haven’t read a lot of books in the humour genre but whenever I do come across one, it’s a fairly good experience. Amidst the crests and troughs in life, some moments of laughter pep up my spirits. I had a fun time with Happimess that had entertained me throughout with its oddly satisfying satire.

Happimess by Biswajit Banerji is a collection of delightful short stories that tickle you with their tongue-in-cheek humour and sarcastic tone. The 13 stories pave your way to have a good time discovering how society works in a playful manner. What struck me the most was how real the stories are, coming from routine activities and making us both laugh out loud and think along the way.

Written in the first person, the stories revolve around ordinary objects and people to create an air of humour. Can you really imagine an iron machine giving you pain? Or can you point out how rats can hurt your ego? Well, the author used these and more seemingly mundane objects to create intriguing short stories collection. His writing is sharp and lucid and flows seamlessly through your brain cells. The author’s approach towards crafting engaging stories is strong and that shows up in the quality of the stories.

I personally love satirical pieces. They tend to appear humoristic but contain some food for thought beneath the surface. And that’s exactly what you’d find in this book too. Be it amazing characters or their quirky traits, the book wouldn’t fail to give you peals of laughter. If you’re looking for a short stories collection replete with satire and wit, go and pick up this book.

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