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Broken & Wild | E.R. King | Book Review

  • Publisher: E.R. King; 1st edition (1 February 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 125 pages

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Broken & Wild by E.R. King is a collection of poems on love, longing, heartbreak, and a stunning evolution. The poems showcase the maddening love and the unbridled passion that comes to an end following a betrayal. However, the poems towards the end also highlight how the broken one rises from the ashes, just like a phoenix, to embrace themselves.

True to its title, the poems elaborate on passionate love and love-making. It’s wild and delightful and ever so comforting. But with time, the love cracks, the ties are loosened, and the one left behind is broken. The poems are so arranged that they perfectly chronicle this whole thing – the journey of being in love to heartbreak. The author used imagery to bring out a poetic effect in the book. Right from moons and stars to sun and woods and mud, everything comes alive as the author goes on to show the two people, head over heels in love.

I liked how the end doesn’t end with the broken one lying in shambles. Instead, they took charge of their life and burned brighter than ever. I genuinely loved the treatment of the theme in this book. Also, the writing is pretty easy and comprehensible. However, I do believe that this book would have done better with an artistic cover complimenting its poems. Moreover, there was an immense scope of improvement in poems to make them more effective and impactful.

If you’re a fan of insta poetry and love to read poems on love, loss, and betrayal, this book might fit the bill for you.

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