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A Rogue’s Love Diary | Krish Gangadharan | Book Review

  • Author: Krish Gangadharan
  • Publisher: Author’s Ink Publications (16 January 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 293 pages

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A Rogue’s Love Diary by Krish Gangadharan is a love story set in the ’90s that reach its happy ending almost 20 years later. It is majorly about Chandru and his love interest, Devi, who drift apart because of some devastating events. Their story might have succumbed to the ruins of time but Chandru saves it in the nick of time.

The plot revolves around two young college students, Chandru and Devi. Both of them come from humble families, their families besotted with different expectations. The two fell in love and their affair continued for quite some time before Devi flew overseas with her parents to see her elder sister. In the intervening period, Chandru indulges in some nefarious activities and ends up in a hospital with a police case registered against him.

But with time and due to the goodwill of his deceased grandfather, Chandru is saved and later shifts abroad to pursue his higher studies and carve a bright career for himself. The book traces the many shenanigans that land him up in the pool of grief, disrespect, and hurt, eventually. So, what would the rogue of this story ever find his lady love back?

The story started with quite some punch and sass. The well-sketched characters and a fairly decent storyline made for a good reading experience. Most importantly, the climax turned out to be a pleasant surprise for I never anticipated it to go in that direction. A lucid writing, vivid narrative, and gripping narration made sure to leave a mark.

However, I felt that the narrative was overly stuffed with adult content and abusive language. It was a big turn off for me to come across crass language frequently in the book. Honestly, the book’s length could have been trimmed significantly after omitting the unnecessary content. I could see less love but more lust throughout this book. Not to mention, I almost hated Chandru’s character for being an obnoxious character. Agreed that characters, too, can be flawed but certain aspects cannot be overlooked.

So, as each book has its audience, this book would also entertain those who are comfortable with explicit adult content, coarse language, and dramatic romance. However, if you’re not, you might avoid reading it. Also, children below 18 should not read it.

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