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The Dawn of Life | Laure Arbogast | Book Review

  • Publisher & Author: Laure Arbogast (4 March 2018)
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 149
  • Genre: Romance

Book Review

Do you believe in giving second chances? Do you think love finds us or is it another way around?

The Dawn of Life by Laure Arbogast is a contemporary romance fiction set around the lives of Alex and Alex. Well, as quirky as it may sound, the book has many Alexes and two of them happen to be our protagonists. The story traces Alexander’s journey to finding his one true love, after 10 long years, and a love that does everything to find its other half.

The book opens up with Alexader making a fact with his friends – Damien, Cedric, and Baptist – during their high school years. The four boys decide to meet each other after ten years. However, over time, they lose touch and drift apart. Around that same time, Alexander meets a girl, Aurora, who he fell in love with and both of them decide to meet each other the following year. Only that, the next year never comes by. Now, the point is would Alexander meet his other friends? Would Alexander get to find Aurora? And who is the other Alex? Read the book to find it out.

The Dawn of Life is a simple story of human relationships and longing for love. Be it Alexander’s playful banter with his sister, Lauren, or his friend’s Cedric’s quirkiness, the characters entertain readers with their actions and conversations. The writing, though a bit flat, is lucid and comprehensible. The narrative is sweet and breezy and one can easily finish reading it in no time.

Despite the fact that this book appears as the one filling the reader with a lot of emotions, it didn’t happen to me. I found the plot oscillating between past and present but incoherently. So, it just confused me at times but then, maybe it’s just me. What I felt was that the story wasn’t exactly unique but its execution was decent. Honestly, it could have been better with exploring the depths of emotions, making transitions clear, and making the characters real, if not exactly likeable.

In a nutshell, The Dawn of Life sounds good for beginners and could have been better with sound editing.

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