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All That for a B-School?! | Swapnil Paranjape | Prajakta Sinai | Book Review

  • Authors: Swapnil Paranjape, Prajakta Sinai
  • Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd (2 August 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 167 pages

Do you have any plans for higher education? Or, did you pursue Masters? In which field?

We grow up with dreams in our tiny eyes. We grow up with ambitions and desires to achieve something significant. We make plans but do our lives abide by those plans? In the mad race of the world, we might leave behind our ‘dreams’ and one day, it strikes us. We’re X year old already and haven’t achieved anything! Sounds like a bolt from the blue and happens to be a true story for most of us.

All That for a B-School?! by Swapnil Paranjape and Prajakta Sinai is a story of Mandar who is confused at an age of 24 about what he wants to do in life. Due to an unsatisfying job, Mandar decides to quit and prepare for CAT to do his MBA. This book pretty much traces his journey of preparing for one of the toughest examinations and getting into a decent B-school. Alongside this, the book also sheds light on his personal life that revolves around his family and girlfriend of 6 years, Isha.

All That for a B-School?! is a relatable story of a young man trying to figure out his way in life. A lot of readers would be able to empathise with his story, especially the B-school aspirants, and connect with his journey. Getting into a top B-school is a tough process but the one one that makes you a different person altogether at the end of the tunnel. Apart from this, the story explores the fragile relationship dynamics of a young couple, Mandar and Isha, and also touches upon the quintessential relation of friendship. Not to mention, the story is fun, quirky, and performs well in terms of portraying the chasm between dreams and reality. Because, that, my friend, is life.

The writing style is simple and intriguing. It feels as if the protagonist is speaking our mind or is talking to us. There are punches pf philosophy here and there that add to the overall appeal to this contemporary tale of ambitions, love, and family. By the end, we realise that Mandar’s ordeal was not to get into a B-School. Rather it was the one for teaching him about life. Do go ahead if you want a breezy read with fairly good storytelling.

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