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Everything Started As Nothing | Bhaskar Majumdar | Book Review

  • Author: Bhaskar Majumdar
  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (10 March 2021); Rupa Publications India
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Analysis and Strategy
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 208 pages

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Early stage investor Bhaskar Majumdar reveals why it is critical for entrepreneurs to have an ‘everything started as nothing’ attitude to innovate and create value.

Bhaskar gives a masterclass on how to plan, build, sustain and grow a start-up, and stay miles ahead of competition with the ‘everything started as nothing’ mantra. This book is an account of what works and what does not in the Indian start-up ecosystem from someone who has had a front row seat as the ecosystem emerged to become the third largest in the world.

Leveraging real anecdotes and stories from entrepreneurial ventures across a vast spectrum including the technology sector, agri and small-scale businesses, manufacturing as well as the social sector in India, Bhaskar highlights the emergence of winning scalable businesses in today’s ruthless marketplace. The business entrepreneurs featured have succeeded by focussing on solving unique country specific problems rather than aping successes from other markets. Apart from his own experience of the start-up world, Bhaskar also shares stories of Abhinay Choudhari (co-founder of Big Basket), Amod Malviya (co-founder of udaan, fastest Indian unicorn), celebrity chef and entrepreneur Sanjeev Kapoor, Phanindra Sama (co-founder of redBus), Anand Deshpande (Founder and CEO of Persistent Systems), Rajesh Jain (India’s first Internet billionaire) among others.

This book is for those who seek to create ‘everything from nothing’.

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Do you think the world of startups and entrepreneurship is overly glamorized? What do you think is the most important quality of an entrepreneur?

Everything Started As Nothing by Bhaskar Majumdar is an insightful guide on the coveted field of entrepreneurship. As the title suggests, any startup always begins from a zero, from nothing. But what it takes to reach the top, what the success journey essentially entails, forms the crux of this book.

This highly enjoyable non-fiction book explores several factors responsible for the building of a successful startup. The author himself is a seasoned corporate executive and a serial entrepreneur. That goes on to explain the efficacy of this book as it contains nuggets of wisdom coming from an experienced professional. Not just this, the book also has bits and bytes of advice from other people who started from nothing and went on to achieve greater heights in their respective businesses.

The book busts the myth that startup life is all magnificent. It candidly explains that there is a lot of grind going into a successful venture. Moving ahead, it chalks down a few other pointers including-

  • Picking the right co-founders for the business
  • The learning never stops in the entrepreneurial journey. Pivot or perish.
  • Be prepared to put your idea in front of the world and test the waters
  • The beginning might be tough but once you’re in, trust your instincts
  • Hire the right people
  • Vision is important and so is execution
  • Entrepreneurs don’t fail, businesses do

Reading business non-fiction might not be a smooth read for all. However, if you’re looking forward to having your own business or maybe, want to explore the facts behind entrepreneurship, do consider reading this thoughtfully presented book. Its lucid writing and accessible narrative would keep you thoroughly engaged while filling you in with some vital information. Each chapter ends with actionable tips. Follow them to win the start-up battle.

Book your copy here:

Everything Started as Nothing

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